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breeding, Кормление, Обучение пению


Satellite Internet Planetsky, SpaceGate, SkyDSL and Wi-fi. Instructions for setting up.

If You are already connected to Satellite Internet and You tried to distribute it via the LAN (either LAN or wi-fi), You've probably faced certain problems. Indeed, "sharing" satellite (and in particular - sided satellite) Internet is very different from the situation with a conventional dedicated cable or ADSL Internet. The difficulty is that one-way Satellite Internet consists of two different online channels: the satellite (incoming) and outbound (for this purpose generally uses a GPRS-Internet, ADSL, leased channel or any other).
How to make the coveted Rambler loaded not only on desktop PC, but in the bathroom, kitchen, Conservatory, on a bench in front of the house on a laptop?
So, as much detail as possible describe the process of creating and configuring your wireless network:
To start, You will have to purchase some wireless equipment. This so-called access point (AP). And... that is all! Bought. Turn to the next item the user is connected to a computer that is already connected to Satellite Internet (we will call this computer the server).
Now we need to decide to which of the operators of satellite Internet, we connected. Consider the most widespread: SkyDSL, Planetsky, SpaceGate.
It is easier to set up a wireless network with SkyDSL: we just "allow" the connection to SkyDSL to distribute traffic ( Advanced connection properties) and, of course, appointed by the client (Your laptop) and the server close IP addresses: for example, for the client is and the server is Now it is necessary to register in IE of the laptop the address of the server ( Internet options, Connections, button LAN settings) on port 8080. All. the Internet on the laptop is.
A little harder to organize the network in SpaceGate and Planetsky. Here we have two solution: distribute through globax, use a third-party program to install a network, such as UserGate or WinRoute. Of course, we'll show both options.
1. Using a third party utility
First we establish the client (Your laptop) and the server close IP addresses as an option for the server is and laptop is Then go into the program or WinRoute, UserGate and make a new user group with the IP range from zero to, say, 100. Specify a proxy (FTP, HTTP, SOCKS) iron and the server address of Now all you need is to register in the browser notebook the address of the server (located in Internet options, Connections, LAN settings) on port 8080. All. the Internet on client works.
2. Through globax.
First we need to configure the config globaks. On the server (i.e. the computer with satellite Internet) you need to make changes in the body globax.conf:
remote = globax
port = 3128
service_int = 0
remote = globax
port = 1080
service_int = 2 is the address of Your computer where you installed Satellite Internet (server) in local network (by default there is
After that, you only have to register in Internet Explorer laptop server address (write in: Internet options, Connections tab, LAN settings) with the port 3128. All. the Internet on the laptop flies.
That's all. And if You need to configure your satellite TV and Satellite Internet in the Moscow region or to create a wireless network using satellite Internet, I advise you to contact the experts...
It is much easier to share the bilateral Satellite Internet. In this situation, all parameters are configured in automatic mode.

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